What wonderful gifts Swartz Adoptions gave to us. After three years of trying to have a family, and one year of failed infertility treatments, adoption was the natural choice. My first contact was by phone, with some simple questions. I expected to leave a message and maybe get an answer in a week or two. I was happily mistaken as Chris got on the phone right away and thoughtfully and carefully answered all my questions. My husband and I had an appointment within a week of that first call.

My husband and I opted for open adoption. There could be no greater gift than that of giving a child a loving home. In our hearts we knew that we could provide the birthmother with contact with the child she loved so dearly, and he could benefit from the love of all of us. After the birthmother chose us from our portfolio, a meeting was set up to meet her. Talk about nervous!! By the time the meeting was half over, we were all feeling much more at ease, and we went home with an ultrasound picture of our little boy. You cannot imagine the excitement, then when accompanying her to the doctor to hear his heartbeat, what an amazing experience.

In the meantime of waiting to be chosen by a birthmother, we were able to start the process of adopting our daughter through the foster care system. Although Swartz Adoptions did not facilitate the adoption, having a home study and all the other paperwork in order expedited the process.

Maddie moved in to our home and two weeks later we got the call. I don't think we could have traveled much faster to the hospital after hearing that Jake was born. Two children in two weeks- what a miracle! We continue to have contact via e-mail and periodic visits with Jake's birthmother. Our family is now complete. We would highly recommend Swartz Adoptions to anyone interested in adoption, whether you are looking to complete your family or a birthmother looking for a loving home for your child. The expert staff treated us as if we were part of their family.

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