Bob and I thought we were complete with just the two of us and our cat. Now that we have Alexis, we look back and say we were missing so much and realize what a boring, unfulfilled life we had! I never want to be childless again. Alexis is our life!

You must be ready for the work involved in adopting a child. You will have to work hard, but it is definitely worth it. Your child may be underweight with no hair and seem very sad when you first meet him/her, but bring him or her home, add some love and food and watch your beautiful child bloom!!

Alexis started out as a baby rosebud and now she is an American beauty rose. We predict a great future for her. She is beautiful and smart but most of all full of love.

I recommend you use Swartz Adoption Agency. Our adoption of Alexis was smooth. We have friends who used a different agency and it was a bumpy nightmare that cost them a lot more money than they planned. If it were not for the Swartz Adoption Agency workers both here in the USA and in Russia, we would not have our beautiful daughter. There are no words to explain how indebted we feel to all of the people who worked with us from Swartz Adoption Agency.

God Bless,

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