Patrick and I struggled to have more children after giving birth to our daughter Breanna in 2004. After years of fertility appointments, fertility treatments, five miscarriages and losing our premature twin sons, Ethan and Nathan, we decided to adopt. Shortly after getting our home study complete, we were chosen by a birth mother and we welcomed our second daughter Madisyn into our family. Madisyn’s adoption was a beautiful process. We were able to be at the hospital when Madisyn was born and we were the first to hold our new daughter. We kept in touch with Madisyn’s birth mother, and as our relationship grew, so did our family. Madisyn’s birth family visits us at our home several times a year and really has become an extension of our family. We thought our family was perfect and complete and we were living life to the fullest. Pat and I always did wonder what it would be like to have a son, but were grateful we had two daughters to love and raise and so we carried on. A little over a year ago, all of that would change, and in a hurry. We were contacted by a community member who knew we had adopted in the past. She knew a young lady who was pregnant and was due to have her baby boy in five weeks. The birth mom had decided she wanted to give her son up for adoption but was unsure of the process and what to do. The birth mom and dad met us for dinner and decided that our family was what they wanted for their son. Through all the excitement, the panic started to set in. We did not have a current home study and we were not currently involved with an agency. We made a few calls to lawyers in our hometown. They were willing to handle the adoption but they were not able to answer all our questions and that made us feel uneasy. We looked up adoption lawyers online and found Swartz Adoption Attorney’s. We made a phone call and spoke to Pat. We knew right away we were going to choose them to handle all the legal aspects of our adoption. Pat was able to answer all of our questions: What if the baby was born before our home study was complete? Would we be able to take the baby home from the hospital with us if our paperwork wasn’t all complete? We knew from Pat’s answers that they knew what they were doing and that we were making the right choice. We met up with Chris, Pat and the birth parents and started the process. Pat scheduled a visit to our home right away to start the Home Study process. Paperwork was expedited and put into place. We were fully ready for the adoption process to start when our son Cameron was born. It was comforting knowing that we had someone we could trust to take care of the legal part, so we could focus on preparing our family and home for a new baby. Cameron joined our family in April, 2015. We were overcome with joy by welcoming a son into our family. We were able to be at the hospital when Cameron was born, be the first to hold him and we were able to take him home with us when he was ready to be released from the hospital. Swartz Adoption Attorney’s went above and beyond to make everything work in such a short time-frame. Pat even made an unplanned visit to the hospital on a holiday weekend, when we felt we needed her there for extra support during the birthing process. Phone calls were always answered and messages and emails were always responded to promptly. Pat not only provided support to us, but also to the birth parents throughout this process. Our family grew even more as Cameron’s birth father and his family have kept in touch with us and come to our home for regular visits with Cameron. Cameron just turned a year old and is a very happy and healthy boy. Patrick and I are in awe of our beautiful family and can’t imagine our life without our three miracles.

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