Hello, we are the Pardy family. We decided to share our story on this "Happy Families" web page because we are even more than a "happy family." There are no words we could use to describe just how happy and fortunate we are to have had such a great adoption agency and a wonderful birth mother, both of whom have enriched our lives forever! We adopted our wonderful daughter, Tatiana Sheridan Pardy

Both my husband and I always wanted to have a child and turned to adoption to make this a reality. Chris Swartz and his staff assisted us all the way as we made two trips to Russia to adopt our child from the Krasnodar Region. When the agency itself was not present in Russia, their Russian facilitators were there to assist us every stop of the way. We were definitely a little apprehensive at first about traveling to Russia, especially when I (Sherry) decided to go without my husband for the first trip due to his work schedule. This apprehension turned into some of the fondest lifetime memories one could ever have. Thank goodness for video cameras. Every time we watch the videos of that special day we went to adopt Tatiana from the orphanage, we shed tears of joy and so do all of our family and friends in the room.

We adopted Tatiana when she was 8 months old. Tatiana is now 4 years old. She is doing wonderfully and every day we think about just how lucky we are that we have her in our family. We cannot imagine life without this little girl in it. She often says to Dan or I, just out of the blue, "I love you so much!" This just reinforces the mutual need we have for each other in our lives. When a child calls you "mom" and "dad" for the first time you know then that no matter how this child came to you, this is your child to love and take care of forever. This is the best feeling in the world and Dan and I are currently looking to adopt again through Swartz Adoption Agency and just turn this "happy family" into an even "happier family!"

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