Who is Swartz Adoption Attorneys and Child Placing Agency, Inc.?

Swartz Adoption Agency (for short) is a licensed, non-profit agency located in Saginaw, Michigan that conducts domestic and international adoptions. Swartz Adoption Agency was formed by Christopher Swartz, a certified adoption attorney with the general practice law firm of Swartz & Wilson. Mr. Swartz has successfully conducted hundreds of international and domestic adoptions. Swartz Adoption Agency has social workers on staff for counseling and conducting home studies.

Can I talk to a counselor?

Yes, we have social workers on staff who specialize in adoption issues. You may meet with them as often as you need. There is no cost to you for this service.

What is the difference between an open and a closed adoption?

A closed adoption means that the birth parent(s) and adoptive parents never know each other. Some non-identifying information must be given to adoptive parents in order to assist them in medical situations, but names are not exchanged. An open adoption means that the birth parent(s) and adoptive parents know something about each other. The degree of openness depends on what the birth parent(s) and adoptive parents agree upon. It may be one meeting and first names only or it may be occasional contact even after the birth of the baby.

Can I talk to anyone with the same experience?

Yes, if you wish. We can put you in contact with birth mothers we have worked with in the past. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea, you do not have to talk about it with anyone.

Who picks the adoptive parents?

If you want, you can. The process that we have found to work the best is to have you view the portfolios that waiting families have put together and given to us. You can decide to meet one or more of the families. If you do not think any of the families feel appropriate, we will obtain more portfolios for you to view. If you do not wish to choose the adoptive parents, we have a system for picking waiting families. You can have as much or as little say as you want in the choice.

Can I choose a strictly confidential adoption?

Of course you can. We will respect your confidentiality at all times. If you do not want ANYONE to know about your pregnancy, they will not know. We understand your feelings and whatever you feel most comfortable with is what we will provide.

Can I get help financially?

Yes, for certain expenses. Although it is illegal for anyone to sell a child, the law does allow you to obtain financial help during the course of your pregnancy and for 6 weeks following the birth of your child. This includes medical, legal, travel, and counseling, as well as, living expenses.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you. The adoptive parents will be responsible for all fees in connection with the adoption. Such fees may include your medical, living and counseling expenses.

When does the baby go with the adoptive parents?

In nearly all domestic adoptions, the baby will go home with the adoptive parents directly from the hospital.

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is created so your wishes can be carried out at the hospital and after you leave the hospital. The plan will allow us to know such things as whether you want the adoptive family at the hospital while you give birth, whether you want physical contact with the baby after delivery or not and whether you want to name the baby or not.

How will I know that the adoptive parents will take good care of my child?

Adoptive parents have to be approved for adoption. They obtain this approval through a home study. In addition, they will have a supervisory period of at least 6 months before the adoption can be finalized. A social worker will visit with them at least two times after the child is in their home and the social worker will write a report for the court about the status of the placement. The social worker will verify that the child is being taken to the doctor, etc.

What is a home study?

A home study is a pre-adoptive placement assessment that must be prepared for every family who wishes to adopt. The study is a thorough investigation of the adoptive parents. It is prepared so that you know that the people who adopt your baby are good, honest, caring people who will love and care for your child unconditionally. We will obtain their criminal history, medical history, child abuse history and much more. It is required that this home study be reviewed with you. If identifying information is not exchanged, we will ensure that you are only provided the appropriate information.

What is the legal process?

Once your family has been chosen and the type of adoption you wish for is in place, we will be in contact with you periodically (Depending on the type of adoption you choose, you may have contact with us and or the adoptive parents regularly while waiting for your due date). You will notify us when you go into labor. While at the hospital, one of our staff members will visit you at a convenient time (We will call first, of course). You will sign paperwork that will allow the adoptive parents to leave the hospital with the baby. A couple of weeks later, a court hearing will be scheduled. You will attend this court hearing with someone from our agency to give your consent to the adoption before a judge. The birth father may also attend this hearing and give his consent. However, the birth father may choose to sign off his rights before court and he does not need to attend. The birth father may not voluntarily do either of these things and we will then take other measures to properly serve him. After court, the legal process is over for you. We will file finalization documents with the court approximately 6 months after birth.

Why should I choose Swartz Adoption Agency over another agency?

We guarantee to give you the utmost individualized, honest and compassionate service. We have your best interests at heart. We sincerely want to help you. We will be there with you from the initial inquiry to the end of the adoption process and longer if you wish.

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