Domestic Adoptions

Swartz Adoption Attorneys and Child Placing Agency, Inc. (Swartz Adoption Agency) is a non-profit, licensed and insured adoption agency in Michigan. We are committed to creating bright futures through adoption. It is our mission to fulfill dreams of parenthood for adoptive families and to find loving, caring homes for children.

Christopher Swartz, a certified adoption attorney, is the agency's president. He has years of experience with attorney- and agency-assisted adoptions. He has represented both adoptive parents and birth parents and has placed hundreds of children. Christopher and his wife have their own biological children but became foster parents when these children were near teenagers. They ended up adopting two of the children that they were fostering.

Because Christopher Swartz is an attorney, your adoption can be either attorney-assisted or agency-coordinated. The main difference between these types of adoptions is representation. For an attorney-assisted adoption, the adoptive parents and birth parent(s) are represented by separate attorneys. For an agency-assisted adoption, all parties are represented by the agency. Because Christopher Swartz is an attorney he will explain and monitor the case to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of each party are honored.

Our staff provides guidance and support throughout the adoption process. We have social workers on staff to assist every step of the way.

Finally, we recognize that no two adoptions are alike because each set of adoptive parents and birth parent(s) have different needs. Many factors are considered when bringing these lives together through the love of a child. We systematically connect families wishing to adopt with birth parent(s) who wish to place their child for adoption. Birth parent(s) and adoptive families choose each other and create an adoption plan according to each person's needs and desires. Both parties help decide the type of adoption preferred; open, closed or a mixture of both. Regardless of the type chosen, we provide confidentiality and the highest quality of individualized service.

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