Home Studies for Michigan Residents

A home study is also known as a pre-adoptive placement assessment. The purpose of the home study is to ensure that children are placed in homes appropriate for adoption.

Swartz Adoption Agency conducts home studies in the state of Michigan. We have several licensed social workers on staff. You are not required to have your home study completed by our agency in order to adopt through us, nor are you required to adopt through us if you only wish to have a home study completed. If you are adopting through a different agency, we will work with your adoption agency to make sure they receive the appropriate number of signed copies.

Once your adoption has been completed, the courts require that follow-up visits be conducted. A post-placement report will then be completed by your social worker and submitted to the appropriate court. The number of reports that need to be done will depend on whether you adopt domestically or internationally. If you adopt from Russia or Kazakhstan, a total of four reports will need to be done.

Home Study Preparation Details

Typically, you will meet with the social worker a minimum of three times: once in your home with all family members present and at least twice either at our office or a convenient place of your choosing. You will also be counseled over the phone and via email. You will be required to read various books and handouts regarding adoption and strongly encouraged to join support groups and chat rooms for adoptive parents. If you are adopting internationally, you will be required to take online adoption preparation classes in addition to meeting with our social worker.

Following is a list of documents you will need to provide your social worker:

  • Autobiographies— Using the outline provided, each of the persons wishing to adopt must complete an autobiography and submit it to the social worker as soon as possible. This is one of the most important parts of the home study.
  • House deed or mortgage papers—just a simple photocopy.
  • Marriage certificates— just a simple photocopy.
  • Divorce papers—photocopies of all divorces of both spouses (if any.)
  • Tax returns and W-2s—photocopies of last 3 years’ returns and W-2s.
  • Social Security Cards—photocopies of cards of all members of the household.
  • Death Certificate—photocopies of all deceased spouses or children (if applicable.)
  • Military discharge papers—photocopies (if applicable.)
  • Vaccination records—photocopies proving all indoor pets are up-to-date with their shots.
  • Life and health insurance verification—photocopy of insurance cards, a letter from employer indicating coverage, a letter from the insurer indicating coverage, and/or a copy of the first page of the policy showing the coverage amounts.
  • Letter of employment—verifying position, salary, and length of employment (sample will be provided.)
  • Birth certificates—photocopies of certificates for all members of household including minor children not in residence.
  • Physician’s certificate—completed by your physician for each household member (forms provided.)
  • Financial Information—form provided.

Additional information:

Child abuse/neglect and criminal history checks will be performed by the social worker (this will be discussed at the first meeting.)

You should provide four non-relative references on your application form. These should be people who have known both members of the couple for several years. Requests will be sent by the Agency to each of the references you provide.

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